About Us

About Us

What can Doncour do for you?

doncourDoncour specializes in both TEMPORARY AND PERMANENT placements supplying candidates from all professions to all sectors of industry, NATIONALLY.

Doncour is ultimately in the business of effectively understanding your staff requirements, procuring the candidate with the desired profile and building trusting relationships. With our industry expertise, we understand that companies today require more than a skilled candidate; they reach for employees who are productive, exhibit a positive attitude and have the ability to show initiative and become a member of their team.

Apart from the more traditional practices to source candidates (i.e. advertising in newspapers), Doncour also incorporate innovative means to secure the right professionals for the job.

Doncour leverage the power of technology-based recruitment; head hunting; personal interviewing and on online media to make sure that our clients receive the most suitable candidates for their organization.

Additional attributes that are sculpturing us into one of the most reliable Recruitment Consulting Agencies are:

  • Our Company guarantee period for each and every recruitment placement
  • Large database of qualified candidates
  • Advanced selection procedures
  • Substantial pre-screened talent pool
  • Customer focused approach – Our clients are our priority!
  • We take a genuine interest in your Company as a whole by visiting your site and discussing your requirements, where possible
  • Extended working hours 6am – 7pm to allow our clients to deal with us at their convenience

Fields of recruitment include: (however, not limited to)

Commercial; Financial; Industrial; Corporate; Artisans; Management; Sales and Marketing; Hospitality; Manufacturing, Health and Industrial Sectors

Doncour Briefing:

Our fee structure is negotiated with each client to cater for their individual company requirements and comes with a replacement guarantee. Within the agreed period, Doncour guarantee, that should the applicant leave the client’s employ (with the exception of retrenchment), we will replace them at no cost to the client.


The cost of local advertising and electronic advertising is born by Doncour.

Should a display advert be preferred by the client, as a benefit to the recruitment process; the client will then bear the full cost of this form of advertising to their company account.


Doncour will supply the client with the following MIE certification: Credit; Qualification and Criminal checks.

These are done once the client wishes to put forward a valid employment offer to one of our candidates. This service is offered at the expense of Doncour and not the client.