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Please take the time to read this article to ensure you do not fall prey to this con.

The scam description is as follows: A recruiter position becomes available requesting job seekers to direct their Curriculum Vitae’s to a fax number. This fax number is set up to incur charges beyond standard rates.

So if you send your CV to this ‘fake recruiter’, you will be charged on your telephone bill at a very high rate.

Now that you are aware of this ploy, your next question probably is, “How do I make sure that this doesn’t happen to me so that I don’t get conned in the future?”

To prevent this from happening to you we suggest you: – Always verify your source of inquiry. This means that you need to check the telephone number given in the job advert is in operation (you can do this by making a simple call to test that the telephone line exists and when you call you can ask questions about the job on offer).

When you call, if they immediately direct you to the fax line it is best to play it safe and avoid applying for this job. – Check that the company is registered to operate.

A simple Google search should assist in proving that this company is a legally registered company.

This usually applies to work from home opportunities.

For more information on illegal work from home opportunities we suggest you read this post. – Make certain that FAX is not the ONLY means of communication.

Many a time; regardless of email listing, the company does not receive calls and only directs communication to a fax number for correspondence. BE AWARE!

The company should not have a problem with you emailing your CV if they are a registered recruiter/ employer.

If they only have a fax number and are not willing to receive your CV via email 9 out of 10 times this fax number is set-up for the solitary purpose of a con and they get about R30.00 for every document you send.

(Extract taken from Jobmail 2011)