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Now that I have your attention. Criminal Records are REAL, they do not hide and show up even if you didn’t stay in Jail OR go to Court.

New Employers do criminal checks utilizing various verification companies across the Country (SA).
The company we use asks for a declaration on the form before we run the check.

Potential Hires almost always tick “NO”. I know it is embarrassing or daunting to admit it (especially the more heinous the crime). You often think it will rule you out.

Think about this:
1) If it would rule you out, why would you want to put yourself through all the recruitment steps to be declined due to non-disclosure? Then the door to the company is closed & locked.

2) If you mention it upfront, the company can make their choice upfront and be aware of the record that will come up rather than being surprised and doubtful of your integrity.

3) Pending Trial/Wrongfully Accused/ Paying Fines for Crimes still reflect on your record. Do not assume that it will not be on the report. Eg: Drinking & Driving charges stay on your record for 10 years. Pending Trial shows up on your report with the information about the crime & “awaiting trial” is listed under the status.

ALWAYS show up and be honest with your potential new employer. It is beneficial for you to share upfront and explain the story.

Credit to Author – Keval van Deventer