Dear Job Seekers who are unhappy, frustrated and despondent.


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Your feelings are valid and 100% normal when looking for a new job.

I want to inform you as a Talent Acquisition Professional what the realities are.

1) For every job you apply for, there is 1 position available

2) The internal team have to go through every CV. I don’t mean 5 CV’s – I mean hundreds and the most I have received has been 700 applications. The law of numbers will tell us, 699 people will be regretted

3) Companies don’t interview 1 person and hire them, they interview up to 5 / 6 , sometimes as many as 10 for 1 role. The law of numbers will tell us that only 1 person can be chosen

4) Feedback to each person is probably the biggest job on it’s own – we don’t work on one vacancy at a time, we juggle more than 30 at any given moment. I can assure you, all of us want to give you feedback asap! We are also human and we can be delayed. You are within your rights to follow up – we appreciate the equal partnership

5) Being interviewed by a company and not being chosen is not a personal attack on you. It doesn’t make you any less valuable than you were when you started the process. If anything, you are even more valuable because you have now made a mark in the team’s eyes

6) If you are regretted before an interview, 95% of the time you don’t meet the minimum requirements. Remember, a job description cannot encompass every last detail of the role – other wise it will be 70 pages long. There are some elements not listed in a job description.

7) If you are applying for jobs, please don’t spray your CV to every company for every role and pray for a positive outcome. Be intentional. If you work in forestry – some of your skills may be transferable but working in a food company wouldn’t be a suitable move

The job market is tough, the unemployment rate is rapidly growing and I encourage you to be patient, positive and intentional as best you can!

Article credit: Keval van Deventer (Snr. Talent Aquisitioner)